Sitting Alone

Sitting alone,
I am not lonely.
There are no others
I could miss….

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Spiritual Minimalism – Part 1

The goal of any true spiritual seeker is not to collect new concepts, practices or ideas. The goal is not to invest but to divest oneself of anything (any thing) that can be let go of. Eventually even the goal…

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Mr. Butters

You never know what you’ll come across while out on patrol… This is Mr. Butters…

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Brain Drain

I have read many times that the brain uses about 20 per cent of the body’s energy…

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The Other Side

Walking up a hill
I see the light shining
just over the other side…

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A group of…?

I so enjoy the bi-weekly Zoom meetings discussing non-duality (not affiliated with but born of the meetings hosted by Rupert Spira). There are beings from all around the world…

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“Kick Me”

Many of you will be familiar with the old gag that we and our friends played on one another in school… taping a “Kick Me” sign on someone’s back.

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I have owned many journals over the years however never more than one at a time. For mysterious reasons I would write in one for a while and then discard it. Possibly because Truth can only be discovered now…

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First Friends Last

This is an original poem written many years ago. I continue to come across these old “gems” here and there…

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