There is no end to chasing objects in the world. An “inward” direction begins an investigation into this “person” we feel we are. It may be revealed that we are not a person who “has” consciousness but rather we are consciousness expressing through an apparent person in this transactional world.

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Settling In

I have nothing against teachings or books – (I love books) – but there comes a point where one must “go it alone” and venture into the unknown with no map, compass or supplies. Once heart/home is your default you’ll find nothing need be shunned, all is allowed! Enjoy.

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Who are you exactly? This poem won’t tell you but it may provide some direction. Self-inquiry started and ended here with the simple question asked by Ramana Maharshi” “Who am I?” No thoughts can provide an answer however an answer presents prior to the arising of thought. Enjoy!

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Sylvia’s Way

All Things Return to the One

I have written poems for/about friends as I often find inspiration in their creative endeavors. Sylvia Arkilanian is a friend, artist, and photographer in Montreal who shares our love of Truth. Her website is called “Fresh New Eyes.”

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Only Love

Many of us feel stuck and THINK that we can THINK our way out. While the body may not be moving the mind can remain very busy. Many of us find ways to temporarily distract ourselves from the mind storm yet it returns. Finding true rest allows for mind to settle revealing our true nature… Love. In The Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu asks “Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?”

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My Rhetorical Roommate

Rhetoric is defined as “skill in using language effectively or persuasively” but also extends to grandiose speech “full of hot air”. We often hear the term “rhetorical question” as used in a sarcastic way to make an obvious point that requires no reply. This poem describes how the “voice in the head” may behave and how one may eventually “win” themselves back from the tyranny of this rhetorical roommate. Enjoy!

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