How to classify this? Just enjoy I suppose! 😆

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Today let my thoughts
be seen, springing forth
on the sky of mind…

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Safe Harbor

It’s time to shelve the books
having recognized that
swimming requires entering the water

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Turn Around

Having dipped your toes
into the infinite ocean,
causing your breath to
hitch and catch…

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Take Heart, Seeker

You may be filled with longing
but take heart, seeker
this longing you feel
is the wind at your back

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The Flower

Silence is the medium
upon which Being reveals
it’s ubiquitous presence
as happiness and contentment

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Welcome Home

Attention is a portal we can use to find our way home.

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The Garden of Friends

This poem was inspired by my cherished friends who are a constant source of inspiration and joy.

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The Funhouse

A poem pointing to the world reflecting our inner state back to us.

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The Gadabout

Be wary of the knock at the door!

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