OH! How we shine!

OH! How We Shine is another playful poem that points to what words could never reveal or show directly. To have direct experience of what is pointed at is not to “find” something but rather “remember” what is being overlooked.

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This poetic metaphor captures the moment where one perches on the liminal threshold… Grace provides the rest. What might be seen at the time as frightening, sad, painful or tumultuous is often what many are grateful for as the catalyst for self-remembering and being knowingly what we have always been.

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There are so many tricks, tips and techniques associated with self realization. The reality is that there is nothing more to collect, learn or practice – only to rediscover our true nature and be that, knowingly.

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False Alarm

Compulsive thinking distracts us from this ‘pristine’ moment and the perfection that is ever-present. Most will feel the need to become engaged with “alarms” the mind sounds about the past and future. The following metaphor describes detachment from thought to reveal this pristine perfection – regardless of what mind may say.

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