No Problem

The “hard problem” of consciousness was a term coined by philosopher David Chalmers. Simply put, it is the problem of explaining why any physical state is conscious rather than nonconscious. We, as seekers, can do an ‘end run’ around this problem (and ALL so-called problems) by recognizing our True nature through self-inquiry. The problem is moot when one recognizes that consciousness/awareness is not something we HAVE but rather it is what we ARE…

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How may I serve?

There is a question that comes up often when one is seeking to understand their “true nature.” The question takes many forms such as “why is there suffering” and “how do I embody this understanding” or “what now?” The answer also takes many forms including “chop wood, carry water” and to allow this understanding of no separation, no other, LOVE, to inform our actions. Thinking about what to do is replaced by allowing actions to arise, watching your hands and feet move, and see how compassionate and productive they are without a “you” thinking that “you” are directing this show.

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ROI or ‘return on investment’ is a common measure to calculate what a particular investment will give back. Is the payoff worth the effort? On its surface there is very little content here and so many may overlook the value and deeper meaning in these seventeen syllables. I suggest that your ROI in reading, contemplating, and living the following haiku may be very high. Enjoy!

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In listening to the following composition, some minds may not sense the threat. Some minds will see “mate” as in the game of chess and take the opportunity to move away to safety. And still other minds will sense “checkmate” and… surrender.

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But a Memory

I would encourage you to listen to the recording of this poem! I’ve seen an evolution from just ‘reading’ the poems to ‘performing’ them with much more emphasis and nuance. It has become so much fun, a joy, and I hope you feel that through the reading. ☺️

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Haiku Pointers

Here are some recent haiku to enjoy! I often will write a haiku and copy it onto a tiny scrap of paper, carrying it with me for the day. Sometimes I will find it after forgetting it’s there and enjoy the discovery all over again. It’s also nice to leave the small scrap of paper on a desk at the office or school where someone else may discover and enjoy the tiny yet powerful pointer.

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