Bizarre Bazaar

We are presented with an endless array of curious experiences and objects – and we browse this bizarre bazaar deciding what to purchase and what to pass by. Mind may want to look for or avoid certain things but we,…

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False Alarm

Compulsive thinking distracts us from this ‘pristine’ moment and the perfection that is ever-present. Most will feel the need to become engaged with “alarms” the mind sounds about the past and future. The following metaphor describes detachment from thought to reveal this pristine perfection – regardless of what mind may say.

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The phrase “there’s no place like home” has been attributed to several sources however most are familiar with it from L. Frank Baum’s “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”

If one associates home as the comfort of being surrounding by cherished objects in a familiar location then, (not if but), when these objects go and the location changes, one might feel lost.

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Where one sits may affect their view and experience of happenings. This metaphor illustrates the “pendulum” effect of ebbing and flowing, in and out, losing sight of then finding oneself again. At some point there is a stabilization. One’s default is reset to equanimity and harmony; in but not of the world.

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