This Two (Music)

A song written through Walter

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About Nothing

Let’s talk about nothing….

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May your eyes remain prescription free
with no lenses added to change what you see

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In, and as, Freedom

When I first saw the butterfly
I was captivated by it’s beauty,
desire rising to possess it,
a thing to be owned

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Tracing Back

Viewing the world, I use eyes to see,
all that appears, separate from me…

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The Divine Soliloquy

We gather and sit,
physically distant yet
closer than a bearhug

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Abundance First

Abundance comes first… as with any aspect of Truth, the experience of what is pointed at here can only be arrived at through direct investigation.

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A Casual Grin

A Casual Grin – This poem was inspired by Charlie (and Ana’s pirate observation!)

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I had a dream that seemed so real…

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Mindfallness! Getting past words…

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