Category: COP (Consciously On Patrol)

I am fortunate to serve the great Province of Ontario and her fine citizens. I find so many amazing sights and situations while patrolling our communities, nature and highways. It’s fun to share some of the “gems” with you!



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The most subtle addiction

It was a busy day with several calls for service.

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Dire Necessity

The following excerpt from The Tao Te Ching sums up perfectly how I feel about the use of force in my job as a Police Officer.

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Front Row Seat

This is a fantastic nature program! No subscription required, a new episode every moment and no commercials. 🌞

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Roving Office 2021-MAR-30

How fortunate to have a moving office! A sample of the beautiful view.

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Mr. Butters

You never know what you’ll come across while out on patrol… This is Mr. Butters…

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