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The Very Proof

No one can give you their experience, only point you in a direction. What you are cannot be seen directly, has no objective qualities, and defies description. I am so grateful for the medium of poetry as the act of composing always brings a deep peace and clarity.

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The Messenger

We’ve all heard the saying “don’t shoot the messenger” when someone brings unwanted or unsettling news… Investigated thoroughly it is seen that you are that messenger sending a message to yourself through every perception! Will you listen? Or will you take aim at the so called “other?”

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This poem was read today in a live meeting and it was suggested (thank-you Ron!) that it might be the first of two… this poem illustrates a turning inward to knowingly abide as THAT. The second might be titled “Reintegration” and would speak of turning back outward to knowingly celebrate as THIS in the (apparent) world. Stay tuned!

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A Casual Hike

Here we find a very short story that points to a common predicament created by thought. All thoughts and corresponding states arise in the mind. What we are allows for and observes all states yet when established in knowing our true nature, we remain utterly detached and unaffected by appearances.

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Our person is merely an effigy, a model made of thoughts, beliefs, memories, likes and dislikes. The light of awareness reveals and removes the ignorance that persists when investigating what we are. The fire of Truth burns ONLY what you are not.

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Thank-you for the inspiration Stella! This poem, as many, arose from nowhere very quickly. Experientially we are sure that ‘I Am’… and in the absence of identity, prior to thought, there arises pure potential.

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Vernal Eternal

Welcome to the vernal equinox! May you enjoy sunshine wherever you are in the world. The word ‘vernal’ refers to springtime and can also be defined as ‘fresh’ or ‘new’. The word ‘inenarrable’ is a synonym for ineffable/indescribable.

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