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In and of Itself

“In and of itself” is another way of saying “on its own” or “by its very nature.”

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The Latest

Photo by James Frid:

Recognizing what we are in our essence squeezes out lower behaviors.

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Dance with Grace

I’m in training this week but when creative energy arises it’s best to take the time to heed its call 🙂

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Lost in Translation

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio:

This poem illustrates how the messages we send to one another are never perfectly translated.

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Nature’s Sweet Song

illustrator Walter Cecchini

I hope you enjoy hearing this poem… even some artwork to go with the pointing!

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About Truth

Photo by Bas Masseus:

What can we really say about Truth? Enjoy hearing or reading this short composition.

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Friendship Prayer

This understanding simplifies what once seemed to be complex. In knowing ourselves in our essence, we know all apparent others as ourself. Comments (below post) are welcome!

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Photo by Kat Smith (Pexels)

Vast like the sky, open like space…. Please visit to hear this poem read by Walter. Comments are open below the post.

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Sailing Unbound

Who exactly is at the helm of this ship? For your listening and reading contemplation.

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Photo by Đàng Thiện Thanh Tài:

Enjoy this and consider that the suggestion here is to listen/read from the same space as the one who reads/wrote this. That one… is the same one.

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