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The Temple of Silence

While a “loud and proud” personal exchange may seem to disturb the peace, one may always find refuge in The Temple of Silence! It is not a question of if one starts or becomes drawn into these exchanges but when….

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Hey Batter

In this writing
it’s pretty clear
that what I write
I need to hear.

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Nature’s Reckoning

“… where castles arise beside soupy mudpies… “

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Rock Bottom

Rock bottom offers an opportunity for blissful unity…

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Could freedom really be this simple? Poetry may be entertaining – the story, the rhyme – and the simplicity of the message is often overlooked. We often confuse experience with knowledge and say “oh, I know that!” and move on to the next tasty morsel of knowledge to file away…

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No person has ever owned a thing!

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Sounds from a Clock

This short poem points to our changing states of mind yet we are, in our essence, ever-free!

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Completely Inclusive

This celebration is completely inclusive and open to all!

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The Giver

Photo by Jill Wellington:

What is hidden in plain view?

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Pirate’s Parley

Photo by fauxels:

parley: [n] a conference held to discuss points in dispute. a conference with an opponent or enemy.

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