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But a Memory

I would encourage you to listen to the recording of this poem! I’ve seen an evolution from just ‘reading’ the poems to ‘performing’ them with much more emphasis and nuance. It has become so much fun, a joy, and I hope you feel that through the reading. ☺️

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Haiku Pointers

Here are some recent haiku to enjoy! I often will write a haiku and copy it onto a tiny scrap of paper, carrying it with me for the day. Sometimes I will find it after forgetting it’s there and enjoy the discovery all over again. It’s also nice to leave the small scrap of paper on a desk at the office or school where someone else may discover and enjoy the tiny yet powerful pointer.

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Happily Ever Always

As the old saying goes (paraphrased): “If you want to make an enemy, try to change someone.” The following might be read as a “put down” to those lost in the world – of whom, at times, I count myself as one! More this is a suggestion to be the example of what you have discovered – that you are very existence, consciousness, bliss.

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Out of Bliss

Short poems like “Out of Bliss” are some of my favorites as they say so much with so little. There is a rhythmic quality that is almost like a mantra. This may serve to quiet the mind somewhat and allow an understanding prior to thought.

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Anytime is Everytime

This poem points to the timelessness of our true nature. “When” we are looking from is eternity itself, eternity which holds all space-time in a ‘superposition’. Truly everything is happening everywhere all at once! If you insist on giving this to the mind to figure out, make sure you have an aspirin handy 😉

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The poem and subject matter that follows will cause many minds to rebel and disagree with what is being stated. Accord, openness to contemplate or outright rejection are all fine! In “Dante’s Divine Comedy,” Dante encounters the phrase “abandon hope all ye who enter here” etched above the entrance to the underworld…

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i am I

There are many ways to attempt to point to what we are in our essence. The ‘i’ here denotes the body/mind that a person may feel they are… with all the limitations, beliefs, concepts, successes, failures, history, hopes etc. The ‘I’ denotes consciousness/awareness/existence… which is what you are!

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