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Dance with Grace revisited

Dance with Grace is one of my favorite poems that has arisen here… I hope you enjoy this 30 second video. I have been experimenting with different ways to deliver the poems and welcome comments. One suggestion that has resonated is to slow down and allow the content to be fully received… good advice!

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Transcendent Immanence

Transcendence and Immanence are two identical aspects of existence; while seeming different, they’re actually not two. Immanence IS transcendence as experienced through the mind, which constructs our sensory ‘user interface’ as the world. In the following poem, Transcendence stays unknowable, while Immanence showcases the joy of existence through its manifestations.

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No Patience

To become what you already are is impossible… you are THAT already! Thinking creates time – and, in having the mind calm sufficiently, it assumes its rightful place… When not entertaining thoughts, it may then be recognized the uncaused peace that you are – has always been here. Now is the (only) time to recognize this.

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No Concession

There are times when it is better to remain silent when faced with those completely lost in a ‘mind storm.’ It may be the most compassionate response. However there are times when it serves one best to hear the Truth of their predicament. If this causes an angry reaction it may serve as a figurative “shaking someone awake” who is crying out in their sleep while experiencing a nightmare.

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A Thought, Bought

Practicing detachment from thought affords us space. I often look at thoughts that bubble up and chuckle at their absurdity. And other times I am “sucked in” by their intensity and take them to be true. However being ‘lost’ in thought happens with less frequency, intensity and duration. Mind is innocent and offers thoughts that are colored by our unique conditioning, however absurd. Established as the witness of thoughts and not their creator, we recognize that most thoughts are not useful or even true!

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Missing Person

I am aware that offering sounds like madness to most. Arisings directly from being and less filtered through mind do not ever “play it safe”. And at the end of the day, who could be threatened by this message? 🙂

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