The Gadabout


1. a person who moves about restlessly or aimlessly, esp. from one social activity to another.
2. a person who restlessly seeks amusement

“The Gadabout” – written and read through Walter
Be wary of the knock at the door,
and the arrival of the gadabout
who brings tourist-trap trinkets
and scandalous news of the world.

This charlatan creates unease
by filling silence with blather,
misrepresenting you to others
and speaking out of turn.

Entertaining this one,
listening to their stories
will invite them to stay longer
and to call your house their home.

Keeping ready the finest room
for this world-weary vagabond
relegates you to quarters
unbecoming of the landlord.

Leave the front door unlocked,
allow the comings and goings
but withdraw your hearty welcome
and dispense with fanfare.

Attend to the one
who never arrived
who will never leave,
the one you call "I".

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