“Maya” – written and read through Walter
I met a girl named Maya,
so beautiful and kind,
that when she showed her darker side
I really didn’t mind.

She held me in her thrall,
kept me at her whim,
striving to keep up with her
was more like sink than swim.

Fortune came and fortune went,
great suffering ensued,
when Maya offered more and more
I began to come unglued.

Gazing at her lovely face,
her mouth twisted in a scowl,
I struggled to make sense of this,
so fair and yet so foul!

This story ends for most of us
in a bitter-sweet kind of way…
Maya’s charms are all we know
and so in ignorance we stay.

The other ending possible
is exceedingly quite rare:
see through Maya’s illusion,
to know what’s really there.