Dear John

Note: “Dear John” letters apparently originated around WWII and were sent by a partner or spouse to notify the other they were leaving the relationship.

“Dear John” – written and read through Walter
I hope this letter answers all your questions as to why,
I’m telling you it’s time to part, and somehow say goodbye.

I have watched you from your very start, while you formed your current ways,
seeking pleasure and avoiding pain has filled your earthly days.

You keep saying that you’ll improve with effort and with time,
but trust Me John I know, too well, the limits of your mind.

Your need to control, to steer your life has brought suffering and tears.
All those repressed emotional scars compound your phantom fears.

I know you think a vacation or ring will bring you closer to your goal,
but dearest John, you’ve missed the point, you are already whole!

In closing, I know you may be lost, so I have some advice to share:
it may be easier to find your place if you see you were never there.

It’s nothing personal.

Signed, Your True Nature

P.S. It’s not you, it’s Me!