“Arithmetic” – written and read through Walter
For the seeker it seems
this problem complex,
with cryptic instructions
that leave them perplexed.

So back we will go
to the primary grades
and revisit some ideas
still useful today.

Addition was first,
two plus two equals four,
we discard this concept
as it always yields more.

Division we know
and we do every day,
our judgements divide, 
let's throw this away.

Multiplication of problems
occurs when the mind
believes it controls,
best leave this behind.

Subtraction is last,
the most useful of math,
remove every last thing,
even the path.

What remains in this moment
when this process is done?
Is there anything left,
is there even a one?

In fact there is nothing,
no more homework to do
except subtract subtraction.
Can you find one called you?
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