The Waterfall

“The Waterfall” – written and read through Walter
waterfalls during sunset
I count myself lucky,
one of the strong who was able
to fight the current of the river.

I flop exhausted on the shore
having escaped the waterfall ahead
and what must surely be a painful end.

I build my camp on the riverbank,
finding what I need to exist
and not much more.

Yet, I have avoided the plunge
and listen as others scream and
tumble over, disappearing from view.

Time passes and I languish,
the shore barren but safe
from the precipice ahead.

Initially I feel restless but settle,
becoming still and silent,
I listen to the screams of those passing.

Through this stillness I see more clearly,
puzzled by those in the flow
who splash playfully, expressions radiant.

It is then, in the deep silence,
I no longer hear screams of terror
but shouts of excitement and joy!

I feel fear yet I cannot remain here,
this meager shore-bound existence
is but a resistance to what is inevitable.

I slip back into the flow of the river,
and scream with elation as I fall,
into the unknown.

2 thoughts on “The Waterfall

  1. Walter,
    I’ll sit with this one before having a comment about it – for sure; and possibly, not arriving at any comment, at all. It sounds like grist for a dialogue, an exchange to traverse fixed positioning, while opening the possibility of possibilities.
    Today I see no truth in Truth, only Truth of truth itself, infinity malleable.
    Thanks for the opening,

    1. Thank-you for reading it Allen, it was inspired by our group conversation last night. Passing…

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