This was written after a video call with some friends, hatched by one of our group that was feeling some disturbances. Thank-you to my wonderful friends for your guidance and dedication to Truth!

“Welcome!” – written and read through Walter
northern cardinal on tree branch
I woke up this morning and heard a voice say
there is sadness felt in this body today

Misery loves company and soon it was known
that sadness invited some friends of it's own

Grief and sorrow knocked on the door,
shame curled up in a ball on the floor

Why or from where they arrived is not clear
regardless of that I made them room here

I sat with them quietly, did not interfere
as each said their piece drenched with longing and fear

When lunch came around I offered a bite
but each remained silent perhaps out of spite

While out for a walk I noticed a bird
the most beautiful song I gratefully heard

I realized then that my guests had all gone,
I turned back to the sun that through it all shone

They may all return unbidden who knows?
But one thing is certain, they'll eventually go

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Beautiful words once again Walt. You have an amazing talent flowing through you. I’m so glad I know you and share time with you.

    1. Thank-you Zach… I share your sentiment. Your comments today during our conversation brought me right back to the ground of being.

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