Completely Whole

“Completely Whole” – written and read through Walter
Photo by Rahul Pandit (Pexels)
My gaze lingers for a moment
fixed on the distant shore,
coming back to this view
as many times I have before.

Returning to the riverbank
I carefully select a stone
and place it midstream,
one step closer to home.

Longing fuels my quest,
seeking another stone to pave my way,
a path that seems without an end
yet somehow I sense…

Inspiration strikes like a snake!
A flash of insight and I know,
no more steps need I take,
there is no distance, nowhere to go.

And so I settle in the midst
of what was once a far-off goal,
and realize without a doubt "I am",
and have always been completely whole.

5 thoughts on “Completely Whole

    1. Thank you Zach! I have updated the post with audio.
      A wonderful meeting yesterday, we certainly have a great group of friends don’t we?

  1. A question for you Walter. How do you experience awareness? What do you hear feel and see?

    1. That’s tough Zach, it really can’t be accurately described as it’s a “non-phenomenal” experience. And therefore no attributable objective qualities to describe “that”. If we refer to The Tao as a placeholder name, we read that “The Tao that can be pointed to is not The Tao”. If one said awareness was a flower, one could say you could never see the flower but could smell it’s fragrance… I’d love to discuss this in our FORS meeting or connect with you at some other time. Just because it’s difficult to speak about doesn’t mean I don’t really enjoy trying. 😀

      1. Thanks Walter. Yes let’s do that. Speaking is probably better.

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