Sitting Alone

“Sitting Alone” – written and read through Walter
Image by <a href="">Silentpilot</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>
Sitting alone,
I am not lonely.
There are no others
I could miss.

Sitting alone,
I am fulfilled.
There is no
thing I desire.

Sitting alone,
I am at home.
There is no other
space I could go.

Sitting alone,
I am.
Author: Walter
See "Who Am I? (About me)" for Walter's bio.

4 thoughts on “Sitting Alone

  1. So…I agree with Holger and from my perspective, lonely and alone are 2 different things. I do like the poetic presentation and think that human interaction is a beautiful and necessary part of “being” human!

    1. I agree… The idea with that first stanza is that there ARE no others! There is only the ONE Being that we all share. So we are all, always sitting alone either in a crowd, in conversation or on our couch. Never separate. 😀

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