Spiritual Minimalism – Part 1

The goal of any true spiritual seeker is not to collect new concepts, practices or ideas. The goal is not to invest but to divest oneself of anything (any thing) that can be let go of. Eventually even the goal is let go of.

So what is a thing? A thing (or object) is that which has attributes. An object can be described using language. Physical items, your body, thoughts, feelings/emotions, sensory perceptions. In fact anything you can perceive through the mind is an object! Even the mind is an object as it has attributes. “My mind is sharp. My mind feels dull.”

If one were able to “let go” of or, at least temporarily put aside, all concepts, personal history, thoughts of future, sensory perceptions… would any objects be left? This is the million dollar question! What remains when everything that can be let go of IS let go of… You! You in your essence – which is not an object and cannot accurately be described using language. You cannot see that, you can only be that.

Why would we endeavor to do this? Why let go of everything? Only when objective experience is set aside can one discover what they are in their essence – peace – absence of suffering – abundance – wholeness – “the lack of lack”. Once your true nature or essence is glimpsed the search is over and the investigation begins. One then recognizes WHY and this investigation becomes a JOY.

This is sometimes called “finding oneself” or enlightenment, self-realization etc. Let’s just stick with “I”. “I am that which is prior to all experience and observes all experience.”

We are all at different places on this path. Teachers, books, videos, practices are all helpful to a point. They are like rungs on a ladder. The rung is necessary to ascend but once you find the next rung, all that remains of the previous rung is an enduring, deep gratitude for the beings who assist you in your climb. And, you guessed it, we’re not coming back down šŸ™‚

In “Spiritual Minimalism – Part 2” I’ll discuss tools that can assist in “ascending the ladder.”