Mr. Butters

You never know what you’ll come across while out on patrol… This is Mr. Butters, a happy little pet pig and his people. They’re taking a water break while getting from A to B.

Mr. Butters

2 thoughts on “Mr. Butters

  1. Ha-ha! Mr. Butters! I’m guessing that is a slow walk with those short legs!

    On hearing of the shooting in Boulder, I thought of you, and the danger that you might face on any given workday. From our understanding, I find it comforting to note that You / We / That, can never be in any real danger. Easy for me to say, right? So, I will count on Wu Hsin to say it better:

    All individuals die.
    Only those
    Who are no longer individuals
    Live forever.

  2. Funny for sure and not the first pet pig I have seen on my travels! I remember seeing a news program talking about a pet pig named Chris P. Bacon. I wonder if the tendency is to always name pet pigs after food…

    It’s true there are dangers. However nowadays anyone (even out shopping) can face unexpected peril. And, as you say, to know that what we, in essence, can never be harmed is the beginning of the end of death as we normally conceive of it. I sit with that and find comfort also. Wu Hsin lives on…

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