A group of…?

I so enjoy meeting with apparent others to discuss non-duality. There are beings from all around the world whom I never would have had the pleasure of meeting were it not for our common interest… Actually, I would not call it an interest, an obsession or pastime. A calling?

This line of thinking brings my mind to the naming of animal groups. Sometimes funny, sometimes insightful. Groups we are all familiar with are: a pack of dogs, a caravan of camels or a swarm of bees. Here are some more obscure groups:

  • A parliament of owls
  • A cackle of hyenas
  • A crash of rhinoceros
  • A convocation of eagles
  • An unkindness of ravens
  • A bloat of hippopotimai

This, inevitably, leads me to, for humorous reasons, apply a label to my non-dual meet-up group… What do you think?

  • A kindness of friends
  • An awakening of beings
  • An awareness of awareness (my favorite)
  • A contemplation of nothing(s)

Just for fun…


15 thoughts on “A group of…?

  1. A Phenomenology of Noumenon, A Gathering of Wholeness, An Explosion of Singularity, A Symphony of OM….This is Fun! I could do this all day! Thanks, Walter!!

    1. Yes, I agree Lisa, there are so many combinations! I’m going to need to look up that first one 🤔. The other interesting thing is you can think of the opposite word of any of these that you have chosen and immediately see where we have fortunately escaped from… A cruelty of enemies is transformed to a kindness of friends 😀

  2. God’s imaginary friends pretending to having a meeting while looking at plastic screens. Not very pithy is it? Anyway I only opened this looking for a place to post the following from the “Headless Way” website: The idea of suggesting to some angry party that they check whether they have a head (etc) may work in some circumstances (as a ‘circuit breaker’).
    “Conflict Resolution

    The thought occurred to me in spreading the “Wordless” that face to no-face could be an incredible tool to use in mediation work. As a state court judge who has to deal with conflict on a daily basis, I have found that so many of the experiments help me in dealing with it all without becoming jaded. Especially though it seems that face to no-face is an excellent way of helping disputing people to resolve amicably their differences.

    I refer many cases to mediation, with mixed results. But it seems that if mediation could be done with a skilled mediator who could get the disputing parties to lose their faces, real progress could be made in the effort to find peace, even if it is at the local level. But perhaps that is where it has to start anyway. I’m curious if you know of any one who has attempted this in mediation work, and especially how it could be approached. The area where it might be most applicable is in domestic relations. But it also could be very helpful in any number of other types of disputes as well, both legal and non-legal. William.”

  3. Walter I think your choice is a good one, but I also love A Kindness of Friends. It has such a good feel to it.

  4. I read tonight that astronomers are trying to decide what to call a cluster of black holes…a crush, a void, a scream…? It reminded me of your post.

      1. That’s a good one. Today I thought of a surrender.

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