Nothing Whatever

I hope you enjoy this first offering of 2024. Mind often remarks “it has all been said!”. While this is true I enjoy new configurations of these symbols we call words to point towards that which IS, always.

the chains that held me have loosed
the bonds that kept me are broken
now this silence is all that is left
to point towards what cannot be spoken

the darkness that hid this has vanished
the weight that crushed me has lifted
now this stillness remains undisturbed
what was already here has been gifted

the ignorance that blinded, dispelled
the knowledge of Self, remembered
the person once believed in as ‘Me’
seen through and completely surrendered

only Awareness remains
nothing to maintain or sustain
nothing whatever is lost
nothing whatever is gained

3 thoughts on “Nothing Whatever

  1. The brain is not for thinking or defending. The brain is for predicting and being aware. Not Two.

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