No Patience

To become what you already are is impossible… you are THAT already! Thinking creates time – and, in having the mind calm sufficiently, it assumes its rightful place… When not entertaining thoughts, it may then be recognized the uncaused peace that you are – has always been here. Now is the (only) time to recognize this.

Many await a momentous event
time spent preparing for its arrival,
something mentally contrived,
some exotic quixotic narcotic state
where all their pain will abate
yet in waiting, the only possible fate
is to wait and wait some more
while the irony is missed
as the obvious is dismissed
that YOU are THAT!

If I may be so bold to suggest
that ALL we have been told
(including these words heard now)
are a distraction from what is here
and make it clear:
that your patience must disappear
that you need no longer wait
that you state with conviction I AM THAT
and, free from personal confinement,
your expression enjoys perfect alignment.

1 thought on “No Patience

  1. What I have seen and heard in purchasing this sits soooooo close to my heart and thoughts

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