No Concession

There are times when it is better to remain silent when faced with those completely lost in a ‘mind storm.’ It may be the most compassionate response. However there are times when it serves one best to hear the Truth of their predicament. If this causes an angry reaction it may serve as a figurative “shaking someone awake” who is crying out in their sleep while experiencing a nightmare.

I shall not concede
to your personal need
and validate that
which is borne of this dream

some may think it unkind
to not cater to mind
which is merely a storm
of transient form

for all comes and goes
from the darkest of woes
to most enticing delights
and dizzying heights

if one side of the coin
is held up as real
and provides some relief
to improve how you feel…

…then the darker side waits
its commensurate power
is the yin to the yang,
the mud to the flower

and even while you
are lost in this play,
I know who you are
and help point the way

so no quarter I grant
for I speak not to you,
these words aimed beyond
to what’s always been True

some may hear this as violence
and the messenger shoot,
for them I hold silence
and await riper fruit.

9 thoughts on “No Concession

  1. “However there are times when it serves one best to hear the Truth of their predicament.” Who is to choose when such time is near, the one seeking to speak, or the One who is to hear? “No concession” may be served by its confession.

    1. An apparent choice, no chooser, apparent seeking, no seeker, apparent speaking, no speaker 🙂

      1. The “still point” no doubt is so; but there is only the “dance”. “No chooser”, “no seeker”, “no speaker”, sounds like no movement, no music, to hear/hear. Yet words to the Comment appear.

        1. Appearances dance! Each viewpoint takes itself as real/right/valid. But what is the Truth of it? Of That, we cannot speak (although it’s fun to try!)

  2. Who chooses what Comments to post? Could it be Casper the friendly, accepting ghost?

    1. The first comment by anyone requires approval as they are often advertising bots. Since you changed your name it didn’t recognize you and therefore required my approval for each of those unique usernames.

  3. Walter… as usual inspired 🙏this is no cake recipe, we must be attuned to what is needed and when… and how… very tricky🥰🙏🙏🙏

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