A Thought, Bought

Practicing detachment from thought affords us space. I often look at thoughts that bubble up and chuckle at their absurdity. And other times I am “sucked in” by their intensity and take them to be true. However being ‘lost’ in thought happens with less frequency, intensity and duration. Mind is innocent and offers thoughts that are colored by our unique conditioning, however absurd. Established as the witness of thoughts and not their creator, we recognize that most thoughts are not useful or even true!

I bought a thought,
iron shackles
wrought by the mind,
forged in the fire
of repetition
and rumination,
beaten and hammered,
joining links and
filling chinks
in the armor of identity…

how heavy this armor
more and more plates
adding weight but…
protection for who?
and from whom…?

this stifling tomb
filled with ancient
beliefs is investigated
and the legend
of the person
is revealed to be a myth!

Armor now unnecessary
to protect a shadow,
I drop the heavy concept
of ‘Me’ and see
what I am is ever-free,
and the thought
I once bought
is aught…
but airy space.