I would recommend listening to this poem as you read it… it’s a long-ish description of some practical pointings and suggestions that I hope will resonate with you (prior to the words). I welcome your comments/questions below.

The day had to come
to intervene and interrupt
that most subtle addiction,
the affliction we call overthinking
which shrinks our span of attention
and drives us to distraction,
removing focus from what is happening,
spinning up a contorted view of reality
created and colored by thoughts,
bought as Truth without question,
each thought a narrow expression
of what has been grasped in the past
and fearful projections
of what may yet come to pass.

We win ourselves back when
this intervention is held,
not by force or persuasion
but by a simple equation:
we decrease our interest in thoughts
without analyzing, these short-lived arisings
we make no effort to change or resist,
lest the arisings persist, and, instead
re-direct our attention
to That unchanging perfection
which does not come and go
That which illumines this show,
the knowing light of Awareness
the brightest of all lights.

In allowing each thought and emotion
making no effort to stop or change,
no matter how powerful or strange
these forms that pass through,
we strengthen our resolve
and remain focus fixed on that light,
brighter than bright but never harsh,
never blinding in its white radiance,
as identity with thought wanes
we recognize that which reigns supreme
and discover in our continued forbearance
what has always been true:
the knowing light of Awareness
is not other than You!

Welcome back home
(you only seemingly left),
no longer chasing or seeking
no longer bereft,
of the peace that you’ve longed for
which has always been here,
and in union with reality,
the Truth becomes clear…
not as thought, not as belief
not an idea or finite relief,
no sense of longing
and no feeling of lack
our natural state,
you’ve won yourSELF back!

3 thoughts on “Intervention

  1. Oh, does this resonate!! Listened and read many times. Will need a few more reads🤔

    1. Same here Faye, I’m enjoying reading over.This is the kind of suggestion that takes time for it to sink in (even though the poem flowed out from here!)🙏🕯️

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