No Problem

The “hard problem” of consciousness was a term coined by philosopher David Chalmers. Simply put, it is the problem of explaining why any physical state is conscious rather than nonconscious. We, as seekers, can do an ‘end run’ around this problem (and ALL so-called problems) by recognizing our True nature through self-inquiry. The problem is moot when one recognizes that consciousness/awareness is not something we HAVE but rather it is what we ARE…

With no former or latter
just what is this matter,
inside temporal brackets
framing the here and the now

Yea! do I say to thee,
ALIVE is the middle!
…the problem with matter:
it never is found

With no one involved
there’s no ‘hard problem’ to solve
and when seen from the FROM
the middle’s the ground

With no out or inside,
in nowhere she hides,
Shakti dances eternal,
Shiva’s infinite bride!