How may I serve?

There is a question that comes up often when one is seeking to understand their “true nature.” The question takes many forms such as “why is there suffering” and “how do I embody this understanding” or “what now?” The answer also takes many forms including “chop wood, carry water” and to allow this understanding of no separation, no other, LOVE, to inform our actions. Thinking about what to do is replaced by allowing actions to arise, watching your hands and feet move, and see how compassionate and productive they are without a “you” thinking that “you” are directing this show.

The seeker lamented
I don’t understand!
The teacher replied
just hold someone’s hand.

Offer them silence,
offer them space,
offer non-judgement,
move at their pace.

Watch the world keenly
spend time and observe
and whisper this question:
how may I serve?

The answer will come
with another in need,
you become the solution
and plant one more seed.

In this constant sowing
the world is transformed
by compassionate action,
our One heart gently warmed.

Selfless service to Self…
for there are not two here,
you will lose nothing in this
but will soon disappear.

3 thoughts on “How may I serve?

  1. Ram Dass tells the story that he asked Karoli Baba how he could be more conscious. Baba replied, “Serve others.” Ram Dass thought Baba did not understand the question and reframed it, “No, what can I do to become enlightened?” Baba doubled down, “Feed the poor.”

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