Say cheese!

I hope you enjoy the following haiku:

big brother’s garden
has a price for admission,
the Temple is free

In this haiku, “the Garden” is a referring to a place where conditions exist… (don’t eat that apple!)… a place where someone is always watching, judging and attempting to exert control. Mind attempts to hold on to what cannot be held as all appearances are transient. Like a tourist who spends more time behind the lens of his camera than present with the beauty of the eternal moment, they attempt to cling to favorite memories and miss the perfection that is here, now… always.

Of course this is just a metaphor; certainly snapping photos of cherished events is wonderful when appropriate.

“The Temple” in this haiku signifies presence itself… silent, whole and complete, and not dependent on memory or imagination. This Temple and the presence it signifies is not just within you, it is you! Meditation is to be knowingly that profound silence which is ever-present and does not come and go.

The recognition of this Temple, the silence that you are, your true nature, is always free with no conditions.

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