Peace is prior to mind

I hope you enjoy this five-stanza haiku that points to Awareness not coming and going but continuous and unaffected by the content of experience. This will land where it does… it is for contemplation and not immediate resolution with mind.

the radiance of
Awareness is never dulled
by appearances

mind may get mixed up
in superimposition,
THIS obscuring THAT.

yet it may be seen
that no thing takes us away,
Peace is undisturbed

does mind reject this
and go on another ride?
…let the dust settle.

see that you remain
prior to any content…
ageless and timeless.

3 thoughts on “Peace is prior to mind

  1. Loved it. Love you. Thanks Walter, for being Walter. Though you have no choice. Isn’t it beautiful!

  2. Beautifully written, there is a peace that comes from the words through Walter. Puffs of smoke as the dust settles and the you remains prior… as it should be ageless and timeless.

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