But a Memory

I would encourage you to listen to the recording of this poem! I’ve seen an evolution from just ‘reading’ the poems to ‘performing’ them with much more emphasis and nuance. It has become so much fun, a joy, and I hope you feel that through the reading. ☺️

the past cannot grasp
for its reality
is only in imagination
where ME grants it power,
watching fantasy flower,
giving the museum of memory
a new lease on life
to exhibits that cut like a knife,
ME relives sadness and fear
dismissing what is here
and choosing anachronistic WHEN
over NOW in its simple glory,
the past believed
to make a better story,
who what why where when,
a story told over and over again
to inner and outer ears
through a veil of tears
that obscures the possibility
to drop the false
and embrace the Real,
to remain undefined
as what IS eternally…
free from ME identity,
free from blight,
full as peace,
light as light,
with no need to forget,
only see what we call ME
is also… but a memory.

8 thoughts on “But a Memory

  1. Really enjoyed reading the poem and also listening the performance. Bravo👏

  2. Poetry has always been an inspiration that ignites songs for me. Thanks for the inspiration Walter.

  3. :Beautiful – such a precious gift.” Thanks for sharing Walter. I very much enjoy your poetry…

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