Welcome, enjoy your stay!

Enjoy this playful arising… feel free to explore all that this giant aquarium/terrarium has to offer…. but don’t neglect to discover the One observing this exploration!

Welcome, welcome enjoy your stay!
If you require anything,
I remain at your service
if you know how to listen.

And feel free to borrow anything!
But know that it must remain
when your tenure as a person ends,
you can take nothing with you.

Compassion is the local currency and,
as a result of your big win,
you have an unlimited bankroll,
so share as much as you like.

The orientation social is at 8:00pm.
Not everyone attends but all are welcome.
Directions are turn inward,
come to a stop, and you will arrive.

Once again, welcome to Earth.
If you are not completely satisfied
with your stay, don’t fretโ€ฆ
You’ll be back.

3 thoughts on “Welcome, enjoy your stay!

  1. Such a light fun reminder. Maybe one chain of hotels will embrace this amazing welcome.๐Ÿ˜‡ It made me smile throughout.

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