Happily Ever Always

As the old saying goes (paraphrased): “If you want to make an enemy, try to change someone.” The following might be read as a “put down” to those lost in the world – of whom, at times, I count myself as one! More this is a suggestion to be the example of what you have discovered – that you are very existence, consciousness, bliss.

Preaching to distracted drones
enamoured by their shiny phones
serves to drive a wedge deeper
between the wakeful and the sleepers
who are caught in a hell of a small cell.

Speaking of happily ever after
is met with derisive, mirthless laughter
by those chasing next next next
and talk of causeless peace
leaves them perplexed and even vexed.

Best to go about your day
which is to say be yourself knowingly
with no efforts to persuade,
shining brighter than any screen
to be seen by a curious few.

And in this way of simple being,
your very presence agreeing
with whatever appears to be,
those curious few who looked to you
may also come to see.

These words in time
clever in their metered rhyme
only depict a shadow of a shadow…
So in summary: wake up and blaze,
happily ever always.

4 thoughts on “Happily Ever Always

  1. Great insight – feeling encouraged. Also, enjoyed the double-meaning of “cell”

  2. A great substitute for the ‘Happily-Ever-After’-lie we were all told growing up.

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