Anytime is Everytime

This poem points to the timelessness of our true nature. “When” we are looking from is eternity itself, eternity which holds all space-time in a ‘superposition’. Truly everything is happening everywhere all at once! If you insist on giving this to the mind to figure out, make sure you have an aspirin handy 😉

I rang a bell ten years ago
and realize mind cannot know
this sound has no start or end,
eternal reverberation strikes the final blow
and reveals where intellect cannot go,
exposing the realm of timelessness
which holds every second of every day
each of which is still at play,
bells and birdsong and thunderclaps,
I hear them all, they never lapse,
no gaps in between or in betwixt,
not two things here to mix,
for the only One that does exist,
all is within THAT sublime
where anytime is everytime

1 thought on “Anytime is Everytime

  1. Grace… it is enough to live Gracefully.
    As the Taoist say… I am of the Tao, that I am eternal in being one to myself and my overall existence. There is no time… only perception of time itself. Live with Grace.

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