i am I

There are many ways to attempt to point to what we are in our essence. The ‘i’ here denotes the body/mind that a person may feel they are… with all the limitations, beliefs, concepts, successes, failures, history, hopes etc.

The ‘I’ denotes consciousness/awareness/existence… which is what you are!

This may be confounding for the ‘person’ however this realization is not for the mind.

I was never born having always existed.

i borrow my existence from I. i was given a name. I allows for all names yet cannot be named. The “I word” is a placeholder for “That.”

It seems i have had many good and bad things happen yet I has never cheered nor cried, never smiled nor frowned. Some celebrated and also tried to comfort i in those seeming good and bad times yet they are not here now. Only I is constant. I was/is/always will be there.

i forgot i am I and seem to suffer in ignorance, mistaking a rope for a snake. i remember i am I and i see the rope for what it is thus removing the error. I remains as it was/is/always will be. More accurately: Eternal, infinite I…

When i dies I will take no notice. Some other i’s may cry until those i’s die. I remains.

i depends on I. I does not depend on i.

i am I.

I is.

3 thoughts on “i am I

  1. Such an amazingly beautiful reminder of the recognition for those times I forget

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