A Casual Hike

Here we find a very short story that points to a common predicament created by thought. All thoughts and corresponding states arise in the mind. What we are allows for and observes all states yet when established in knowing our true nature, we remain utterly detached and unaffected by appearances.

A casual hike among the trees,
led by a breeze urging me deeper,
pushing me on
into a copse so thick I lose my way,
the day waning and light failing,
my flailing about
coupled with doubt
causes a thin shout
“I am stuck!”

My heavy rucksack caught,
the straps taut,
held fast by thorny brambles,
mind now a shambles,
terrified, wide-eyed,
imagining the worst
and cursed scenario,
I suffer.

Like a fly in a spider’s web
my strength ebbs,
exhausted I hang helpless,
and suddenly returns the breeze
that whispers “you are free,
see the ties that bind are only mind,
cut the straps leave your heavy pack,
do not look back,
find that nothing of value is left behind”

I awaken within the dream,
the solution seen
by fresh eyes,
I shrug off my pack,
the path now known
to be of no distance
and no resistance,
I arrive home,
light and carefree.

9 thoughts on “A Casual Hike

  1. This one really hit home as I try to unburden myself of “stuff”.

  2. Yesterday, having a small appointment to keep, I “dropped the ball.” I inconvenienced one person, panicked a second person and disappointed a third.
    I used my new understanding of how mere thoughts can take me down a dark path of suffering but still my ego kept suggesting how horrible this was.
    “You dropped the ball! You dropped the ball! What will these people think?”
    Each time ego gave it a go, I applied the antidote. I have to admit it took a few hours to let that backpack of woe go. I’m getting closer.
    Thanks for the tiny story.

    1. You’re welcome Diane and thank you for sharing your discernment… Hours will become minutes then seconds… Then no time🙏

  3. This blew me away when you read it on Holgers site, which led me to yours. Thank

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it Vicki, please feel free to peruse the dozens of other poems here! 🙏

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