International Haiku Poetry Day

Today, April 17th, is International Haiku Poetry Day.

Haiku are poems that make the reader feel connected to life. They don’t tell the reader what to think or feel but rather attempt to evoke a visceral response prior to words. This is why the are so well suited to non-duality. Rather than bringing someone somewhere – a haiku may reveal ever-present Truth through its brevity.

I have composed over 240 haiku over the last couple years and thoroughly enjoy allowing these power-packed poems to pop up from nowhere – like bubbles in soda.

I’m pleased to share my contribution which takes on a more traditional theme: nature.

winter yields to spring
earth trades in her white jacket
for a floral gown

Learn more about haiku at the Haiku Foundation website.

6 thoughts on “International Haiku Poetry Day

  1. I must of read this a couple times already, this morning. There’s this grace and softness to it. Just gorgeous! Thank you Walter!

  2. April Seventeenth
    Who would know this day but you?
    That’s being Walter

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