To Not Know

To think conceptually is to contrast, weigh, measure and classify in a dualistic subject-object way. We cannot truly speak of who or what we are as it has no attributes! To know we must start from not knowing and rest knowingly as being. To know concepts: mind. To know your true nature: silence.

“To Not Know” – written and read through Walter

to not know is to not cast
into the past for reference
and have complete deference
to existence with no resistance

to not know is to not look
to the future with fear
but surrender to what is here
imbued with gratitude

to not know is to invite life and death
in the same breath
to cede the illusion of control
living for now and not a goal

to not know is to admit you cannot think
about who or what you are
mind can go only so far
and hits it’s limits

to not know is to know
for if you truly drop concepts
you know the infinite and eternal
as your very Self here and now

2 thoughts on “To Not Know

  1. Yes…..beginners mind! Thanks for the reminder, written so well! Remaining at home with the Self.

  2. Just perfect, neither good nor bad… beyond. Just Is as in the experience of “perfect” beyond judgement 🙏🙏🙏☺️

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