There is no end to chasing objects in the world. An “inward” direction begins an investigation into this “person” we feel we are. It may be revealed that we are not a person who “has” consciousness but rather we are consciousness expressing through an apparent person in this transactional world. Liberation not for the person but from the person. No need for belief, act as if it were up to you and investigate! 😀

“Afterthought” – written and read through Walter

The story told
when situations unfold
may misrepresent
the sequence of events.

A person may claim
they are to blame
for the decision to act
and take this for fact.

Yet investigation reveals
no person is real,
but an afterthought
and the imposter is caught!

Events happen spontaneously
without consulting a fictitious me,
no winner or loser, no one to blame
no fear or worry, no one to shame.

Nothing to add and nothing to grow
nothing arrives, yet something will go:
the idea of a “me” is no longer bought,
relief when belief in the person is dropped.

4 thoughts on “Afterthought

  1. Wow! This is so good, rythmic and beautiful! Really enjoyed this!

  2. Wow, Wow, Wow to repeat Wow above deservingly and 3 is my favorite number. So clearly spoken and a such beautiful reminder least we forget in “those moments” who we truly are.

    1. Thank-you Marion! As always, writing in this way helps to bring clarity to this body/mind. 3 cheers for the ears to hear it!

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