Settling In

I have nothing against teachings or books – (I love books) – but there comes a point where one must “go it alone” and venture into the unknown with no map, compass or supplies. Once heart/home is your default you’ll find nothing need be shunned, all is allowed! Enjoy.

“Settling In” – written and read through Walter

One important teaching is that if one continues reaching there will be more to find.
In knowing this you can stop your seeking and leave striving ways behind.

Keeping your hands to yourself, let books remain on the shelf and rest as you’ve always been.
Drop your name and claims to fame, let the deepening begin.

Teachings may point toward a ‘there’ but experience cannot be shared, Truth is recognized alone.
Not a picking up but a letting go, settle in to your true home.

3 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Beautifully and simply said. As I so often leave myself in search of direction, back to myself from books, videos, recordings, and other teachings, then pause. A wonderful reminder, that I am already home. Thanks Walter.

  2. I agree with Brad, beautifully written, simply said.
    It’s a beautiful dance with the self as when home is heart and heart is home we are never alone. Just love and peace. Thank you Walter. 😊

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