True Story!

I fell in love at the drive-thru window today
in a brief moment while tapping my card.
My eyes met with the attendant’s eyes in the window,
our smiles arose simultaneously, a perfect mirror,
and an apparent exchange of coffee for money
led to an acknowledgement of our shared being.

I cannot describe what I saw in those eyes
but can speak to what was not there:
no age or gender, no role or station,
no fear or judgement, no desire or aversion,
mind lit up by a powerful current…
like a light bulb being hit with a power surge
greater than its capacity can handle,
blowing up with an audible pop then falling silent.

It was not what remained that caused
the several minutes of beautiful silence,
driving and sipping, completely engaged,
but what that exchange revealed.

I have no desire to return or attempt to possess
what was not an experience to be recaptured
but rather I honor the glimpse
into the unreality of all things
and the timeless opportunity
to refocus from objects
to the reality that precedes and allows them…
a revelation of what is always present as myself
in all others, all things, all experiences.

Best. Coffee. Ever.

7 thoughts on “True Story!

  1. First, two appeared, they reduced to One … and suddenly None remained, but I – who looked unknowingly into nothing-at-all. Oh yes please, fresh cuppa brew in the morning sunlight bouncing off the hood of my drive-thru vehicle. Sweet the treat, my friend.

  2. Walter – Nicely expressed. Yesterday, some friends and I were crafting an excerpt from the book Opening by William Segal to share with others. As I completed my contribution, I turned to my in box and the first email I opened was an order for the book Opening. Not quite the same level, but, as John Pentland said, “There are more shocks than we see.” Thank God when one penetrates.

  3. Isn’t it nice when we encounter those moments!? It’s even better when we notice them and talk about too! Beautiful!

  4. The experience of you is such a rewarding one! I experience you as joy🙏🙏🙏☺️

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