Sylvia’s Way

All Things Return to the One

I have written poems for/about friends as I often find inspiration in their creative endeavors. Sylvia Arkilanian is a friend, artist, and photographer in Montreal who shares our love of Truth. Sylvia’s painting featured here is called “All Things Return to the One” and may be viewed at Sylvia’s website “Fresh New Eyes“. Check out her gallery!

“Sylvia’s Way” – written and read through Walter

The start of transcendent art
is an innocent, open heart,
nothing apart or separate.
in this medium of communication,
not a relationship but a union,
of canvas, paint, artist and viewer,
mixing in a flow that not two can know,
tapping into the essential potential
of creation and displaying
but one possible permutation,
a freeze-frame of form and name
pointing the viewer toward home,
collapsing the mental gap
between ‘me’ and ‘that’,
an invitation to stay
a moment, an hour, a day
to explore the open heart
of Sylvia’s way.

2 thoughts on “Sylvia’s Way

  1. The saying, ask and you shall receive, does happen in more ways than we can perceive.

    Sylvia’s way … a part of the universe at play.
    So lovely, Walter. Thank you, Sylvia.

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