Stay with This

Silence and stillness hold all sound and movement. Prior to movement and sound exists the fundamental ground from which all appearances arise. To recognize this, prior to mind, is to know you are that very stillness and silence. There is no doubt, longing or lack when one recognizes home.

“Stay with This” – written and read through Walter

No stone unturned,
every pointer has been learned.

Nothing left on the table
and yet… one still feels unable

to see or sense this subtlety:
the absence of the mind-made me,

confusion as ‘some thing’ remains,
the feeling of the ‘person’ pain.

Can you hear simplicity
without birthing multiplicity?

A simple point I share with you
you may or may not try to do.

Either way will lead to THIS
for all there is to very bliss

is what is here, all there is,
making no attempt at analysis.

The opposite of a heroic try
is to bid farewell and wave goodbye

to efforts, paths, ideas and ways,
sit still, adopt a neutral gaze.

Beyond this I will not prescribe
for ‘more’ words are for the hungry mind.

Silence. Stillness. What is here.
Stay with this… Disappear.

4 thoughts on “Stay with This

  1. So true! I should have read this prior to going out to shovel! The lightly falling snow, silence and stillness had me in the moment by enjoying ‘this’!

  2. There is no other path out of linear mind, the mind trapped in time and space(that don’t actually really exists!)but to let go of thinking grabbing understanding… being in the ever present NOW, back to the circle of Life, feeling/ experiencing/ living Now, this moment! Here we are One with God and sonship- belonging- back home(where we never left but had through the illusion of separate linear mind being trapped!!!)
    Feliz Ano Novo

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