4 thoughts on “Non-dual discussion and analysis of the poem “Take Heart, Seeker”

  1. So so so powerful a discussion I felt a part of and an even deeper sense of the One Being. What a beautiful Christmas miracle, surprise, treasure. ( 3 is a favorite #)
    Deep gratitude to you Walter. Love this discussion .

    1. Wonderful Marion, I’m glad you enjoyed this, I did too! There are well over 100 poems now and I’d love to do this live with other expressions at some point 😀🙏

      1. I have your book, Take Heart, Seeker. and look forward to future discussions. Heading back to FL on the 27th having spent 40 days with family and friends in chilly MA. Most grateful for guidance in non- duality living starting in March, 2020 with Mooji and subsequently with Rupert Spira, Gangaji and Francis Lucille. The wisdom and love of your mom gifting you with the Power of Now. You Tube bgifted me this AM with a wonderful guidance by Eckhart Tolle. What a blessings on Earth at this time to have such an amazing resource of teachers .😇

        1. Safe travels Marion! We certainly do live in an age where this information is widely available for those who are recognizing where happiness truly lives…

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