Here and Gone

This poem may be listened to for the enjoyment of it and it may also be contemplated, listened to and read, to reveal what is always here and now and where the “YOU” fits in to all THIS!

“Here and Gone” – written and read through Walter

In the sequence of what is sensed
this arrangement of elements,
I am primary.
Having created what is presented
now reported to myself
through what you call a ‘you’…
This ‘you’ a filter that skews the kilter,
I observe your unique interpretation
of this arrangement of elements,
an apparent existence of
THIS brief and fleeting,
I reclaim what seems
to have been shown,
far too fast for a ‘you’ to know,
to think about what THIS really is…
and the game goes on…
I, King and pawn,
here and gone,
here and gone.

1 thought on “Here and Gone

  1. Walter so so beautiful! Needed to hear this !
    Thank you🙏❤️

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