OH! How we shine!

OH! How We Shine is another playful poem that points to what words could never reveal or show directly. To have direct experience of what is pointed at is not to “find” something new but rather “remember” what is being overlooked.

OH! How We Shine! – written and read through Walter

This could take a lifetime
or be immediately seen
that what is appearing
is a mind-made dream.

There is only one substance
be it rock, bird or stream,
life is one happening
without border or seam.

Without examination
leaving judgements behind
we jive with the ‘now’
and love what we find.

Engaged yet resigned,
perfectly aligned,
without resistance,
OH! How we shine!

5 thoughts on “OH! How we shine!

    1. Hello Faye! If there is enjoyment of what is being communicated here then understanding is there also. Recognize whether you try or not, this communication is alive within you. What we once thought we were searching for has always been searching for an opening in us. This poetry may help widen that opening! πŸ™‚

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