This poetic metaphor captures the moment where one perches on the liminal threshold… Grace provides the rest. What might be seen at the time as frightening, sad, painful or tumultuous is often what many are grateful for as the catalyst for self-remembering and being knowingly what we have always been.

“Freefall” – written and read through Walter

The bird perched
on the edge of the nest
watching sisters and brothers
flying about,
growing hopeful
yet remaining in doubt,
with wings at the ready
but claws holding steady
even having outgrown
the limits of the known,
this circular home
now stifling, having glimpsed
freedom unbound.

A confusing moment
trying to grasp why Mother
who once smothered with love
under her wing the fledglings,
would, with an unexpected push,
betray her role as protector
and eject her very own…
yet wings open, slowing descent
a nascent remembering dawns
and a powerful beating
takes the bird up and beyond
as Mother watches,
singing her song.

4 thoughts on “Freefall

  1. I love this one! True and a reminder of how events are meant to and do unfold if there is no interference! Such mixed emotion for ‘human’ parents……pride, fear and nostalgia.

  2. So apropos, Walter. I am hearing birds right now outside my window, not sure what kind. We have many kinds here – crows, bluejays, kinglets, woodpeckers and one of my favorites, mourning doves. And your poem is very evocative of so much of our human lives, especially as parents, but also as spiritual beings in the world. Thank you!

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