There are so many tricks, tips and techniques associated with self realization. The reality is that there is nothing more to collect, debate or practice – only to rediscover our true nature and be that, knowingly. How? Stop seeking, turn inward, be silent and still, unplug the “mind machine”.

“Collect!” – written and read through Walter

Repeat to see that,
find this to be clear,
come here to learn more,
watch that to get near.

A method, some steps,
a practice and path,
ways and means,
charts and graphs.

This ring to wear,
a new tattoo,
just for you.

A new technique,
the latest thing,
the book is out,
a chant to sing.

Collect! Collect!
until it is seen:
all this feeds
the mind machine

6 thoughts on “Collect!

  1. Walter, Walter, everywhere, bringing mind to brink; Walter, Walter, ever no-where, and how thinking did shrink.

    1. This made my smile even more broadly, thank-you Allen, I trust your current meanderings are enjoyable! 🙏❤️

  2. So brilliant and eloquent Walter ! Now that I’m finally sometimes enjoying experiences of some Spaciousness, Presence, Silence, etc. to rest in … after having done 7 – 8 hrs. / day of meditation practices for weeks …, I notice the mind / ego character wants to continue seeking, improving / leveling up itself, acquiring knowledge, attempting to problem-solve, to answer the riddle or paradox of non-dual enlightenment and ascertain a new method to undo the seeker or intellectualize a practice to be aware of awareness effectively. I finally have had to admit recently that this mind wants only more stimulation to perpetuate seeking, not to be at peace. The mind has no interest in my relief from suffering. At this point, any time it tells me that it’s tricking me into letting it problem-solve

    1. Thank you for your comment and your sharing David! The seeing of mind wanting to do its thing, the mechanism you can now observe. And therefore transcend. Wonderful!

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