Bizarre Bazaar

We are presented with an endless array of curious experiences and objects – and we browse this bizarre bazaar deciding what to purchase and what to pass by. Mind may want to look for or avoid certain things but we, as prudent shoppers, hold the purse-strings.

“Bizarre Bazaar” – written and read through Walter Cecchini

The present is a present
appearing just as ‘This’
and as fast as one may tinker,
too late, they always miss

The attempt to change ‘what is’
is resistance to what appears,
but existence waits for no one
regardless of their fears

These fears are all unfounded
unless we shrink into a ‘me’
and mistake ourselves for someone
instead of eternal ever-free

Yes, free and fully present,
if not lost in then or when,
allowing experience unfiltered,
call it middle way or Zen

But to explain ‘This’ using words
is again arriving late,
though many push their concepts
through dogma-filled debate

This unfolding never ceases,
mountains melt and disappear,
all will come and go
yet ‘what is’ is always here

Home is where the Heart is
and Heart is what we are,
this mystery ever deepens
in this ‘bazaar of the bizarre’

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  1. love it ! Thank you for taking the time to create it !

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