Where one sits may affect their view and experience of happenings. This metaphor illustrates the “pendulum” effect of ebbing and flowing, in and out, losing sight of then finding oneself again. At some point there is a stabilization. One’s default is reset to equanimity and harmony; in but not of the world.

“Leaning” – written and read through Walter

Leaning forward in my seat pulls me into a world
of investments and outcomes, all my eggs in one basket,
personality propping me up between bookends of regret and hope.

Sitting up straight in my seat, my perspective shifts
and zooms out to a broader view, less claustrophobic,
bemused by my earlier struggles, I observe with detachment.

Leaning back in my seat, no effort, reclining into being,
peace and contentment are revealed as the climate here,
the objects that are events/body/mind relax, fade and melt away.

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  1. This poem talks to me I love your thoughts expressed here.

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