The Whole Enchilada

The investigation into who/what we are in our essence can be fun! Here is a playful poem that contains several “delicious” pointers 🙂

“The Whole Enchilada” – written and read through Walter

The story that’s told
of the taste of a peach:
distastefully cloying
or deliciously sweet!

An abstraction of now
going beyond the perceived,
likes and dislikes,
through mentation conceived.

Each witness recalls
past tastes that occur,
translating these thoughts
into symbols called words.

Words express preference,
a unique point of view,
one consciousness playing
through me and as you.

“Disgusting! Delicious!
The best I’ve ever had!
How can you eat that?
Fantastic! Not bad.”

The whole enchilada,
from a smidge to a scoop
appears as icing on the cake
or a fly in your soup!

2 thoughts on “The Whole Enchilada

  1. From a smidge to a scoop to my bowl. Deliciously sweet!

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