The Temple of Silence

While a “loud and proud” personal exchange may seem to disturb the peace, one may always find refuge in The Temple of Silence! It is not a question of if one starts or becomes drawn into these exchanges but when. However, with discernment between what is real and false, it happens less often, with less intensity and for a shorter duration.

“The Temple of Silence” – written and read through Walter

Space enough for all
but room for only One,
no doors, roof or walls
open to the sun.

Directions will not be found
and cannot be written down
though access may be gained
by innocence untrained.

Allow everything to be
as it is and come to see,
to enter there is no cost
nothing of value could be lost.

No need to imagine or create
or hold a desired state,
not avoiding what is here
what remains is crystal clear.

Noise and laughter still erupt
but never could corrupt,
silence prior to all sound,
the fundamental ground.

Observe movements of the mind
without the need to take a ride,
all are granted refuge here
and in this temple… disappear.

6 thoughts on “The Temple of Silence

  1. Oh, so sweet a refuge, so calming and charming, so apropos for those on the go – sanctuary, Divine and sublime

  2. Yes, that’s why I wrote “may seem”. To distinguish that not all are affected personally but may still feel to assist others in finding clarity.

    1. Amazing and beautiful and a insightful reminder on the holiday weekend as I gather with family after a long absence. with all our personal stories💕

  3. I visualised a monastery somewhere up in the hills! So beautiful 🙂

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